Saturday, February 05, 2011

Isolated from social life

All (almost if I may say) of my colleagues have blackberry today. Why? I found some of them say because its famous feature Blackberry messenger (BBM) so they can keep in touch with other colleagues, and some other I think just want to be look cool, having cool gadget on their hand, just to show off.

I have to admit the benefit of BBM. You can chat instantly using BBM, and send pictures too. It is a better sms technology. But not like sms, it is realtime because you are always connected, and the cost is included in your subscription. Other features at Blackberry I think available on other mobile phones.

But why others messenger service from other provider cannot compete with what Blackberry does? Microsoft also have messenger, Google with google talk, and also does Yahoo. Why these people choose Blackberry?

I have a better idea, I wish one day all messenger can communicate each other. Via open ID may be. Tell me if somebody already developed this, I can't wait to use it.

I use a pretty old HTC Tytn II with Windows Mobile 6.1. I've been using it for about 4 or 5 years. So far I am happy with it, have no complains at all. Although the cover case have small damages here and there, but still look good. The only problem I had was the battery, but this problem is fixed as soon as I replace it with new one. I can do most of what I need with this device. Besides basic mobile phones for calls and sms, I can do draft with Word, setup and sync my calendar with my Outlook, play games, access my email, surf the internet. I also (forced to) install Blackberry client to keep update from my office emails. I have no good reasons to replace my mobile phone. I found there are no new features in new gadget that force me to replace it.


If I have to replace it I will go to Android device, or iPhone, no Blackberry. I just don't like its design, the screen is so small, not convenient to read. The qwerty keyboards with tiny keys are difficult to use. The scroll key is not convenient to use, I prefer touch screen like Iphone or Android.

iPhone Mini

Samsung Galaxy i9000

But this BBM thing starts bothering me. I often don't get updates from my colleagues in the office, my relatives, and my friends. I feel left behind in my social life.

Blackberry Curve

I have yet decided if I have to buy Blackberry. Do I have to buy just to use its basic (read: cheap) features, or better buy with more complete features? My option goes to two models, Blackberry Curve or Gemini (cheaper). Curve has 3G capability, the rest are the same with Gemini. Let's see.

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