Thursday, March 17, 2011

BBM will be available for Android and iOS

After a long waiting Blackberry users finally can talk to his/her friends who use Android and iOS. Blackberry Messanger (BBM) service will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices soon. This is the news I have been waiting for. Read the report from BGR here. I hope it is not a gossip.

BBM service is an exclusive feature in Blackberry device. This feature is one of RIM magnets why many users buys Blackberry device.

According to the report RIM will provide 'limited' service - with no picture or video features - for free to users. Not bad at all for first step. I think if it happen other features will be added in the future.  I am still expecting that one day somebody will develop standard messanger service that able to talk to all messanger services with standard features available like texting, send picture or video.

I use many messanger services like Google talk, Yahoo Messanger and MSN Messanger, and Blackberry Messanger too. My problem is I can't force my colleagues to use just one messanger. They have their own reasons why use one and not another. It will be great if these falks want to sit down to have one standard interface for all.

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