Friday, February 04, 2011

Which Tablet I should buy?

Tablet PC now becomes a new trend gadgets. People now brings more devices to their work. In the past handphone is a must device to bring. Can't leave without it. New technology and invention in mobile devices make new gadgets have to be added to the list.

Mobile phone technology also keep people connected to the internet. You now always on in your status. Notebook (and netbook), although becomes cheaper and cheaper still too heavy and complicated. You have to bring also cables, power adapter, not including USB stick, external harddisk, or external CD/DVD driver (for netbook or smaller notebook), and so on.

Suddenly started last year I think, some geeks successfully introduced new gadget: tablet PC. The technology actually is not new. It already invented at least a decade ago. I checked in the PC World comparison.


Apple who is the one who able make it ready to use for your life, convenient to use, and as always with great design.

IPad was designed as what people are expected to replace magazines, books, notes, even their pens in people's bag, and at the same time access to internet in single device. That's why (I think) it does not provide phone call facility and they want to keep it that way. As we can see the new IPad 2 only adds camera, no other new features besides slimmer, and more power processor. Gadget from Apple always makes people put it in the must buy list including me. The OS is very human friendly, easy to use. People don't have to RTFM (read the fu***** manual).  I think Ipad is suitable for non-tech people, for ladies, or people who don't want to deal with complicated settings before able to start to use it.
Google's team introduced Android couple years ago. But I think the first gadget that ready use was started last year when Froyo was introduced. Android was meant created for mobile phone OS on mobile phone processors. It is forced to transformed to tablet OS to fulfill tablet market created by Apple. There will be next generation of Android special designed for tablet device. There are more features on Android compare to Ipad. It is available at any hardware compare to propietary hardware at Apple products. And because of this flexibility more developers develop more apps on Android. It grows faster in the tablet market, now the leader in this segment.

Which one do I choose?

I'm kind of a person who don't mind to go details on gadget, I even like to do it. I also prefer gadget that I can hack further. A gadget that I can develop something later.
So I still prefer Android. It is not really difficult device. The Froyo has great design, pretty much similar to Ipad. It is also easy if you have to do settings for certain features. So the next thing is choosing hardware. This will not be the case if I buy Ipad.

I started with Dell Streak. The device is pretty small, just fit in your palm, or in your pocket. But no Froyo available. So the next choice falls to Samsung Galaxy Tab. I really like the design, slightly bigger than Streak but smaller compare to Ipad.

Galaxy Tab has all features that I need, dual camera, 3.2 megs in the front and 1.3 megs in the back, great sound of speaker, amolet screen, 8 hours battery. The size is really convenient, just about the size of novel book, fit to my bag (even lady's bag). The screen with 7 inch TFT LCD is just big enough and convenient to read in any occasion and place, car, bar, or even in toilet, just like when you read a novel book. The size makes its weight half of Ipad only 0.84 pounds (1.6 pounds for Ipad 3G model).

It comes complete with free-hand headset and bluetooth headset if you want to make or receive calls. I don't know if I need it. Power charger including car charger. I bought the 16GB RAM version. With about same price I think it is the right decision considering values of money.

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