Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Connect to internet using Blackberry

One important task of mobile phone to me is to connect my laptop using the device. I use Blackberry Curve 9300 with OS6.

To connect internet using Blackberry to your laptop is pretty easy. First you have to manage to install Blackberry desktop on your laptop. Get the latest version of desktop manager at blackberry site.

Open Desktop Manager, go to Tools, select Start Mobile Internet from the menu. You have to configure the internet settings to make it work. If this is your first time setup, select the network operator that you subscribe. That's all, you don't have to worry the rest fields.

Click Start Mobile Internet under Tools menu to start using your blackberry as a modem.

You now can surf the internet using your blackberry. Depends on your subscription please be aware that additional internet charge might be applied. A message will warn you about this. If you only subscribe to BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) subscription, additional charge for internet connection will be on your next bill.

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