Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thanks Steve

We all fans of Apple's really missed of the greatest inventor on earth, guru of design, marketing and inovation. A person who changed our way of live and change the world. 

Couple of weeks ago, I couldn't imagine when I heard the news that he went to hospital fighting cancer.  What if he died.

People afraid what will Apple do next without him. Doubting if anyone can replace him. I hope there is. We all already shocked before his death. Steve Paul Jobs passed away today. A day after Apple launched his last product the iPhone 4S. I thought it was another hoax, but it wasn't.

I firstly used Apple's product was the first Macintosh as in the picture above. It was in 1990. My friend just back from the US bring this thing and we don't know how to use it. It was the first PC with great graphical user interface. We played around with it and within a day we love it. And we still love Apple's products until today.

God bless you Steve.  Thanks for all your discoveries and bring them to our life.

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