Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New iPhone 5 Concept

People were waiting iPhone 5 but Apple launched 4s. If you see at Youtube below the iPhone will have another new very cool feature that makes people can't wait and eager to have it on their hand. The hologram display is another very cool feature.

You can use any media as virtual keyboard (and mouse). You can put your magic mouse and keyboard out of your desk, and use your wood desk or any (flat) surface.

Receive a secret message delivered personally in hologram like what Leila did to Luke Skywalker will be part of our daily life. Um, but I will use it in my room when nobody around.

Siri will be much better and more mature, and more applications will use this sexy's personal assistant in many possible ways that you can't imagine.

Let's see if the video is true or fake. I also want to see what are new devices look like from Apple without Steve Jobs.

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