Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Phenomenal iPhone 4S

iPhone sales make a phenomena, beating analyst forecast. Apple says it sold 37.04 million in the last quarter last year, increased up to 128 per cent to a year ago. All other Apple's products also have increased sales including iPad, iPod and Mac. The revenue soared to an all time high of US$46.33, almost double from a year ago. This breaks new record since the death of the founder Steve Jobs, and brings Apple to the new highest value company in the US.

This extraordinary result story has not finished yet. Launching in many countries in Asia still on going and are not counted yet. Strong growth will still continue and happening at least to the first quarter this year.

It is a really great product with awesome features, and state of the art specifications, take everybody attentions to have it. Its price is almost double compare to its copycat Samsung Android but people still buy iPhone.

Apple's rival, Samsung also have great sales increase of its smart phones. Steve Jobs proved to be right that proprietary and closed product is better than open approach to users.

So finally the iPhone 4S is finally arrived in my area. Every store in every mall are full with people asking this phone as if they would like to join the party. 16GB version is immediately out of stock. But I already have planned to buy the 32GB version. I got it one.

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