Friday, January 13, 2012

Share DVD and play DVD Player on Disc-less Mac

I have been looking for a way how to play DVD on my disc-less Mac. I have a Mac mini running OSX Lion 10.7.  You can use Super drive or you can use other Mac with disc or Windows PC. But these solutions cost you money, and I found in many articles say don't dream you can play movies with DVD Player application. It just won't work. So I even didn't think to try any of these options.

Luckily there is a very nice article that you can share DVD on my Ubuntu PC using Macfusion.  I already have a PC with Ubuntu 11.04 installed. Without additional cost and use what I already have I can get what I need.

At the site there is another option to use AFP and Netatalk. I have tested both. But I think using SSH and Macfusion is much easier setup.

I follow instruction steps in the article to use the shared DVD on Ubuntu box from my Mac. I found it works very good, almost perfect. I also found what all I need that I can play DVD movie using DVD Player application. That's exactly what I want.

I change a bit at the /etc/fstab configuration. Put a remark at the beginning of dvd configuration line, so I can switch back if it failed. Then add the following line:

/dev/dvd /media/dvd auto,rw,udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 0

You have to change the drive name as what you have in your Ubuntu. You see I put rw option for read/write option. Take it out if you have CDROM.

Play DVD Player

With the above additional modification, now I can change the DVD without typing mount/umount commands in the Ubuntu PC. Instead you just eject the DVD from finder, replace the DVD, then mount again the drive.

If you have difficulties to open new movie. Open terminal from Mac, Finder - Applications - Terminal. SSH to your Ubuntu PC then mount manually the DVD.

mount /media/dvd

Change the /media/dvd according what you have set in Ubuntu.

From DVD Player menu select File - Open DVD Media. Select the DVD drive under Device. Click Choose button. The DVD will immediately play the movie.

To stop properly the dvd when playing music, click Close button then click Eject button. From Macfusion click Unmount.


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