Thursday, January 26, 2012

Successfully tested Road Train

If you want to drive your car and still able to read this blog and drinking a cup of coffee, there is a road train technology approach is may be for you. EU SARTRE, a semi autonomous car driving technology has just completed its testing and soon available in real life.

You have to add a gadget in your car to join the train. According to, groups cars with similar destinations into road trains over long stretches of highway. The lead vehicle will be driven by an experienced motorist — it may even be a bus that regularly travels the route — while the functions of each following vehicle will be automatically controlled and tethered to the actions of the lead car so that individual drivers can hammer out e-mails or eat breakfast. Despite the project’s name, cars can exit at any time.

The only problem is you have to rely to the lead vehicle driver. Just like when you in a bus, you got to rely to the bus driver.

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