Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ubuntu Desktop on Your Phone

In every dual-core phone, there’s a PC trying to get out. That's what it says in the A full Ubuntu desktop, on your docked Android phone.

The Ubuntu for phone brings features that you might never think of:

  • Complete desktop solution for full productivity on docked Android phones
  • Easy to integrate with existing Android phones in development
  • Certified apps for business users from Adobe, Citrix, VMWare and more
  • Drives sales of multi-core phones with faster CPUs, more cores, more RAM and high-end graphics
  • Drive adoption of 4G handsets since office apps shine with low latency and higher bandwidth
  • Canonical leads in ARM Linux support, co-creator of Linaro with ARM
  • Target the enterprise thin client, and emerging market first-PC markets
  • Ubuntu and Android share the same kernel, running at the same time, accessing data and applications
  • The world’s favourite free desktop fully integrated with the world’s favorite open phone
Do we need those features running on our phone? When you are mobile, you can work and store your works on phone, as what you always do with your phone today. Then when you are on your desk, plug your phone to a monitor, finish your work on your desk.

There is nothing new with this activity. Today we do similar way, working on the phone when mobile, store it to the cloud or on the phone, then finish it on your notebook or desktop which more convenient with bigger screen.

There are lack of resources and capabilities with this idea. The only different is you will have only one device, your phone. No more desktop or notebook on your desk. Only big monitor and keyboard and mouse.

Recently, I store almost everything in the clouds. My trust to the cloud technology is increasing. Less files are kept in my desktop disk. Unless you are an artist or programmer, that is exactly what most people need. That is what Ubuntu would like to provide.

We will see how Ubuntu will reveal until it is available in the market, see how people will accept it. As Ubuntu fan, I am eager to test it.


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