Friday, March 23, 2012

Sync Samsung's Android to your Mac

There is iTunes like for your Samsung's Android device that sync to your Mac. In the past, you can only sync your Samung device to Windows, now you can do it to your Mac. Like iTunes, you can do backup, upload music, photo and video files. Unlike iTunes, Kies doesn't have app store.

To install this is very easy. Download the new Kies 2.0 from the Samsung support site, select appropriate Samsung's device that you have. Open the package then start the installation.

After completed, you will be asked for some updates, click continue to install them. Then plug your Samsung's device to your Mac via USB cable. With Kies Air installed on your device you can exchange files on the fly via Wifi.

The menu is pretty simple. You can also update software and firmware via Kies.

Source: Samsung Support.

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