Monday, October 01, 2012

The iPhone 5 (Steve Jobs version)

iPhone 5, the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. Every new thing from Apple always big things.

This time it is not big thing to me. The screen size is not proportional.  The new 4 inches retina display screen smart phone is having taller with same width screen as the previous generation. It is like a person with taller legs with same body width, or longer nose with same face width, or longer sedan with same width. But like other new big thing from Apple, perhaps Apple's designer is setting new trend on smart phone. I hope they are right.

It is something that Apple competitors will not do, but that's because they are too afraid for something "big". To compare with its competitors product in this class are having more "proportional" screen width and height, for example Samsung Notes.

If the late Steve Jobs still alive, he wouldn't approve the iPhone 5 design. Instead, the iPhone 5 will have same screen size as iPhone 4. The rest are those better things, with more powerful A6 processor, 0.3 inch depth thinner, 1.2MP photo and 720 HD video for Facetime, Lightning connector, support 4G (LTE), and longer battery life. And one more thing, something really spectacular, but a weird, taller only screen size.

I use the iPhone 4s. I love it. The screen is having the right size, convenient when hold use it, for reading web, see photos or watching videos. I think it has the best screen fit for smart phone, also fits to my pockets, shirt or jeans. It just the perfect screen size.

I am still hoping the next generation of iPhone is back to the 3.5" screen. But I think it will not happen soon, may be on iPhone 7 release. That will be sometime in 2015, I will wait until then.

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