Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mountain Lion Theme on XFCE

I've been using Ubuntu for years and I always use gnome-classic. Somehow, I don't like Unity. I see that there is good alternative, Xubuntu that use a light-weight interface called Xfce, which I never used before.

XFCE is an alternative desktop environment, light weight for Unix operating system, and of course also for Linux. It is fast, convenient, and simple. I like it's simplicity, fast and support gtk. So, I use Xubuntu and activate the Xfce in the login option.

I want to learn how to create a theme in Xfce. The above screen is my first attempt to create a theme. It's a Mountain Lion look-like theme, still in development.

To achieve what I want, I change the top and bottom (dock) panels, and add necessary items. I use Droid Sans 9 font. I use the Compositor to activate shadows only for selected windows. I use Lion icons by MBOSS.

Some improvements are still needed. See in the above screen shot, that the window's frame color is still not right, should be more lighter. The rounding window's corners should be a bit sharper.  The dock (panel 2) in XFCE has limited options, but works perfect. I want to use as standard as possible, so I don't install Docky or Cairo dock.

Another problem is that global menu still buggy on Xfce. I am sure it will soon available.

I am happy with the result. It is not perfect yet, but I already satisfied with the look.

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