Thursday, October 25, 2012

The new iPad with Retina Display and iPad Mini

The iPad with Retina Display is the latest iPad that just launched couple days ago in San Jose, California. It surprised everyone that Apple introduced it in just 6 months after the latest the New (now the Old) iPad 3.

Unlike iPhone, iPad doesn't have official version number since iPad 2. But media give them the version number to iPad, just to easy differentiate between generations: iPad 3 for what officially named "The new iPad", and iPad 4 for the latest generation "iPad with Retina Display.

Many users who just bought the just released iPad 3, feel abandoned and disappointed with the launch of iPad 4. Apple even replaced the iPad 3 with iPad 4 from its website, no more official website for iPad 3 users.

My 3 months old iPad 3 have no more official reference, no technical specification, like never been produced by Apple, a forgotten product. Even the older iPad 2 is still there for comparison to iPad 4.

But I will keep mine, I will not trade it, that will mark a forgotten product. Beside, it has Steve Wozniak signature on the back.

According to TechRadar, below is the comparison between the two:

iPad 3 iPad 4
ScreenRetina Display 264 ppi Retina Display 264 ppi
Front Camera0.3 MP 1.2MP with HD
ProcessorA5X A6X
OS Shipped with IOS5.1 Shipped with IOS 6
Battery10 hours 10 hours
Connectivity30 pin "old" connector 8 pin "new" lightning connector

There aren't much differences. Overall, the iPad 4 is better in processor, front camera, and connector.

However, there is a hope, but not confirmed by Apple, that customers who just bought the iPad 3 in less than 30 days, can trade-in for free to iPad 4.

iPad Mini

iPad mini is a smaller version of iPad in terms of size and resolution. It is targeted to education market, so the price is cheaper than bigger iPad. But the price is double or triple compare to the competitors.

It uses same screen resolution with iPad 2, without Retina Display as its bigger brother's iPad 4. It uses lightning connector. With lightning connector you can connect it to VGA display, or projector, USB camera or SD card. Apple follows the 7 inch tablet market.


Apple is no more the trend setter in tablet market. Apple follows its competitor to fight with the existing market led by Samsung Tab and Amazon Kindle, and packed with many other Android based tablet makers.

Unless I would waste my money, I should rethink before buy new Apple product these days. I better wait until the next version before I buy a new gadget from Apple.

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