Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fixing Wifi Connection Problem on IOS 6

In the past few days I have problem with my iPad 3 wifi connection. The problem is only when I use wifi to my iPhone's Personal Hotspot. It works well with other wifi connection at home and the office.

I have tried few solutions suggested by many users: reset the hotspot, disconnect (via Forget this Network in Setting which usually works in other cases), as well as restart the iPad, but none of them solve the problem.

The only solution that fix the problem is to reset the network settings on iPad with the following simple steps:
1. Open Settings on iPad, go to General from the left pane.
2. Scroll down the right pane options, then select Reset.
3. Select Reset Network Settings. Make sure you only select this option.

After completed the steps, the iPad will automatically restart. Open the Settings again, then select the desired wifi network, in my case is my iPhone Personal Hotspot. Now the wifi on my iPad works like a charm. As soon as I turned on the Personal Hotspot on my iPhone, the iPad wifi quickly recognize it.

I see in many threads that this problem is only happened on IOS 6. I use iPad generation 3 with IOS 6. If you just upgrade your iPad to IOS 6, make sure you have reset the network settings.

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