Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BBM is comming to Android and IOS

Blackberry Messanger is comming to Android and IOS today. That shall fall today at 3PM Malaysian time, according to this article.

There are many messanger apps in the market. Many Blackberry users who have switched to other platform like Android and IOS will love to have BBM in their phones.

All of them have similar features. So in fact there is no good reason to still using BBM. I used to use BBM. It's quick, secure and reliable. I am more using Whatsapp since I use iPhone. But there are some colleagues and relatives who still using BBM, and I am still member in few groups. So I feel a bit lost of contact with them.

I really hope that the comming BBM version for IOS will answer my need today. I can't wait to see as use it. You can get notification by email of this news if you like by clicking the link above.

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