Friday, February 28, 2014

Mount Network Drive Automatically in OSX Mavericks using Automator

I use shared drives created in Ubuntu server for my Mac including for time machine, music library, sharing folders with other computers. Read this article how to share drive for your Mac.

You can use the Automator available in OSX Mavericks. Follow this simple steps to do it.

1. Open Automator and choose Application

2. Add action Get Specified Servers

Under Library on the Action left pane, select Files and Folder, then select Get Specified Servers.

3. Add your shared drive(s) in the list

Click Add button, type the map drive in the field. In my case I use afp connection to the server:


4. Add action Connect to Servers

From Library, select Connect to Server, drag it under Get Specified Servers. Save the application.

6. Add the Automator application you just created to your login items

Open System Preferences, select Users & Groups, then click Login Items tab. Click + button to add the Automator application that you just created.
That's it, now your drives are automatically mounted every time you login to your Mac.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, for my afp share I used the server's name instead of its IP, (which could change.)

For example,


Found in System Prefs > Sharing > File Sharing > Computer Name

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